Friday, May 2, 2008

Wow, busy busy busy.

It's about that time in the semester where I'm so burnt out, it changes even how I react to everyday life. I want the laughter back. :(

EDIT: The Project Seed thing was done for a video game company's hiring test, where I applied for an internship. They gave me a concept and specific assignments, and I created work around that. The Cloverfield inspired look... in part its because the person who gave me the test actually referenced it, and also I'd seen one of the concepts for the monster in that movie floating around. I never actually saw the movie, though I really wanted to. :(


carissa said...

you finally updated! great stuff ! i especially love the vis dev piece, it kicks ass! awesome staging and designs, i love the finished colored piece of the monster attacking the city/people. can't wait to see more!

Emerson said...

The first digital painting is really really beautiful. I like the flow and gracefulness of it. The project seed thing looks interesting. Cloverfield inspired? :P

Rosie said...

Beautiful work Helen! I really dig the comic cover.

The Project Seed stuff is amazing! (I know Jeremy Saliba was working on that as well) The colors and layouts/scenes are quite dramatic, and the creature design is nice and creepy.

Oh! And I thought you might wanna know that the whale-like creature floating around the internet is not the real monster. Here's "Clover":


I think whoever created the concept for the whale-like monster (w/ parasitic crabs) was trying playing off the fact that you rarely get to see the whole monster in the movie.

Sorry for rambling! Great work, I really hope you get the internship! :)

DerMidlet said...

bout time :p Very nice, that project seed stuff looks really awesome, I like the other stuff too :)

nicholasorsi said...

concentrated awsume.

Yihsuan said...

i really like your homework for ill3 class, looks awsume!

Rob Clement said...

Just dropped in through the your art, grace meets fantasy. One line caught my attention, "I miss the laughter," or something like that. Me too. When art becomes work, whew. Here's to the smile! Keep it up.