Monday, November 5, 2012

Wreck it Ralph Vis Dev and Matte Painting

I hope you guys enjoyed Ralph opening weekend! I worked on Ralph first as a visual development artist and then a Matte Painter, so here's some stuff.

Vis Dev!

Matte Painting the image below was a huge challenge. Not only does it take up the entire screen, the painting had to hold up in stereo and as a 2d background that felt like it was created and rendered in pure cgi. I also had to paint two versions; a destroyed version of Sugar Rush and a pristine version.

And my favorite piece of unused graffiti in game central station. 


robin_chyo said...

Gahhh! So good! Loved the movie..currently flipping through the art book!

Sylvia Liu said...

shit so awesome o_o

Nick Hendriks said...

Terrific work! I'm desperate to see this movie, it looks great.

Chiaroscurosity said...

Kicking butt, Helen!

Anonymous said...

Sweet work (hehe)--and I suspect they're working on licensing it for a game which means somebody will keep the Sugar Rush concept art ball rolling.

I see some Will Cotton inspiration in there